Send WhatsApp Message without save phone number

Send WhatsApp message without saving the contact number google app playstore,


How Ransomware Takes your Data

This post is just a information on how hackers using malicious code formly known as ransomware to lock/encrypt all your computer data.


7 easy tips to avoid getting hacked

  1. Be suspicious of emails
  2. Check link locations
  3. Never open attachments (unless you're really sure)
  4. .....


Redirect user to url with POST method from code behind

I developed this class so that I can redirect user to url using POST method with form data. There is scenario where you want to process the data first, then redirect user to another url with another data.


Why your website need HTTPS?

Why HTTPS matters? Either way the website works. So why my website need https ? 


Advanced Web Hacking & Defense Training by Condition Zebra

Last week (5-8 August) I was attended training provided by Condition Zebra. The training is to basically show you how to use Pentest tools to find vulnerabilities in the website. Here is my review for this courses.


MySQL 5.7 - Check if column Exist

I have go through more than 30 post in Stack Overflow, but all solution look similar and end up its not straight forward syntax to follow. You need procedure to execute it. So I write this post to help others developer to solved the problem to check if column exist in table - MySql


7 Reasons why your website need SEO

Before we start, do you know what is SEO.? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is method of optimizing your website with Keywords in order to rank your website higher in search result such as Google, Bing, Baidu, etc.