Redirect user to url with POST method from code behind

I developed this class so that I can redirect user to url using POST method with form data. There is scenario where you want to process the data first, then redirect user to another url with another data.


MySQL 5.7 - Check if column Exist

I have go through more than 30 post in Stack Overflow, but all solution look similar and end up its not straight forward syntax to follow. You need procedure to execute it. So I write this post to help others developer to solved the problem to check if column exist in table - MySql


Auto save function example - ASP.NET

When dealing with alot of fields in one single form, user might want to have auto save function. This is something that can help customer to prevent any data lost when submitting the form. 


ASP.NET Web form html button tag fires two times. - SOLVED

You might working with html bootstrap project and your front end coder give you html code with button elements. You browse on the net and found you can use button as a valid web form controller by adding runat="server" attribute.