7 Reasons why your website need SEO

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Before we start, do you know what is SEO.?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is method of optimizing your website with Keywords in order to rank your website higher in search result such as Google, Bing, Baidu, etc. Some of the website owner think they don’t need SEO because their website look prettier, very nice with all amimation and all nice photos. BUT do SEO care about how nice is your website.? The answer is a big NO.

In some researches that come up with statistics say that Google processes trillions of searches every year and 15% of the queries have never been seen by google before.
( https://searchengineland.com/google-reaffirms-15-searches-new-never-searched-273786 )

So approximately in one days peoples did 5.6 billion searches daily which is a big business if you know how to target this peoples. Do you think SEO is a must for website? My answer is  a big Yes.

Here are 10 reason why you need SEO for your website.

Organic search

By referring to the statistic above, you know that people are doing searches everyday, they might search your business, food, traveling, house, people, football that might be useful for you to target this people to come to your website. Remember your website will not magically be listed in google serch result without you to do some SEO configuration. This is the fact. You can’t imagine peoples wakeup in the morning, and suddenly they want to search your website. its not work like that. You need SEO for your website.  

Good SEO also means Good user experience.

Yup, it is true. Google have their own algorithm to make sure that when your website is listed at the top of search result, its mean the website have good user experience include easy to navigate, works well in multi devices (desktop, tablet & phones), have title, subtitle, good content etc. How google know about  good user experience.? I don’t know about google algorithm but my 6th sense feels like it is referring to bounce rate.

So for people don’t know about bounce rate in the layman terms — When your site listed in search result, and peoples are clicking on the result. BUT within 1-5 sec, they click back or close the tab. So it will increase your bounce rate — its mean your content not related / not accurate with what search keyword made.

Google will learn this and keep improve their algorithm and your page slowly will be move from top 5 to top 10, top 20, top 30 or even unlisted in google search result.

Bad SEO means your webstore not making any money – no profit.

If you have store website, you will need peoples to come to your website buying your items. BUT without good SEO setup, your site will not listed in the search result and as a result your webstore will not making any money – no profit.

Imagine when people want to buy something, they will search “Buy {products} in {country}” and your website is listed at the top of the page. So its mean your website will be clicked and the potential of user to buy from your website is high — means increase profit. 


(search result example.)

SEO make you understand Web Environment.

Do you remember the last 5 years search result in Google.?How does it look like.? Is it same with the current search result.? The answer is no.
Now you can book a ticket from google search result without you need to register and add hotels details in google. How cool it is right. B-)

Winning Click.

Most of the users will click on the search result where it is located at the first page. not much user will go to second page, third page or the next page. Most of the users will only see first page result and if what they want is not there, they will change the keywords. This is the facts that you need to understand. If your website not in page one then be it,if not,you are not winning the clicks.

Search is important in eCommerse

75% of people that made a purchase online used a search engine in their path to purchase. Example you want to buy shoes, what is the first things you will do.? Open browser, type in google:-

  1. Buy {product X} from {where you want to buy}
  2. Buy {product X} in {Location}
  3. Buy cheapers {product X} in {location}/ {marketplace}
  4. Price for {product X} in {location}

  That is the common keyword people will use.  So if your webstore not listed in search result, it will affect your sales.

SEO is like car maintenance

What will happen if you buy a car, BUT dont do the maintenance. Slowly your car will be broken.
This analogy apply to your website if you have very interesting content, web design, but people cannot search content in your website. Basically it is useless.

Give branding for your business – Google Business

Google have many ways in terms of delivering the result. Example When you spell wrongly, google will ask you “did you mean?”.The keyword you use to search have sinonyms words.Autocomplete like when you type “Popular Book” it will suggest Popular book in {year}. But nowadays sometime when you search business name, you will small box appear at the right side with some company information which is quite awesome.

By optimizing of Google MyBusiness can help improve branding as well as ranking through google map. This will result better branding when people searches your company name and give confident to user that they are in the correct url and page not the scam website.


Implementing SEO for a website is a must. Do it now, don’t wait. Your website have good content, good information, good business. Shout it don’t be shy. You will never know the power of SEO until you try it, but please dont expect the result will come 1 or two month. The rule is there is no guarantee your page will be no 1 all the time, but by doing good practices you will see improvement and your website can reach more organic users on the net.