How I Become Web Developer

I was 14 at that time. I was amazed with what i saw when my brother open up cpu(actually computer casing). I thought inside computer is a complex machine where alot of wires , steel & microcips, but it just a board where all microcips embedded to the board. That was the day i started to like computer. 

Time goes by until I finished my secondary school and started to apply college. All courses that I choose were related to computer. Anything with word computer I will choose them.So funny that time. I don't know what I want to learn about computer. But i did know that I like computer. 😅. 

  SPM results were out, and I have been offered to study at UiTM lendu with course Computer Science (My other blog about this topics). Im so happy that time, because im study computer finally.😄.

That is how I started my journey as web developer. 2010 was my first year working as developer. A lot of experience gained work with Heitech Padu Berhad. Doing website, windows program, configure server,  microsoft queue(MSMQ),Oracle queue, liferay, RFID,console program, socket program,java,c#,,html, php, css, javascript,designing , mainframe, etc. 
Thats a lot man, until one day I asked my self.

What is my expertise?

  I developed alot of program but im not master with all of that. This is the key. I know if you can master multiple programming language, you can become stack developer. BUT i believe every stack developer also have their preferred language to choose. They must be expert in something but also know about everything. So I choose to become Web Developer and jump to worked with another company called Optima (M) Innovations Sdn. Bhd.

Time goes by until last year (May 2018), Optima Innovations has been acquihired by Maxis . Now I still focus web developer. Specialist with what im doing.  I love this job. 



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