Creating a site that sells – part 2

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Writing an Introduction

Ok, now you have captured your visitors attention, you will need to draw them I not your introduction. Keep it brief and to the point. Create a value proposition, and let them know exactly what you are offering.

Give the visitor reasons as to they should read on, mention what useful info others have got out of the site.

Writing the bulk of your copy.

You will now need to start writing the main body of your copy. Avoid using jargon or technical terms your visitor may not understand, this will only alienate them. Avoid negativity, hype and buzzwords, and write in as style that everyone can understand. Try using prep positional phrases such as “As you know.., Naturally…., Everybody knows….” Whatever follows these are more likely to be accepted by the reader.

The power of words

Here are some tips on using alternative words with for better association. These are not set in stone and open to debate, but provide an interesting insight into the power of words. Every word counts, so ensure you incorporate potency:

Buy— This implies people have to pay money — experiment with alternative try using claim eg “click here to claim your membership to … ) or invest (Visit mywebsite.com to invest in a better future … ). This is contrary to the marketing must having a clear call to action ie “buy now” so only use alternatives where applicable, within the body of your text for example.

Learn — This implies there is work involved – try using discover “discover the secrets behind…. … “
Tell — Nobody like to be told what to do – use reveal “This site will reveal the effectiveness of…..” we will show you…” Avoid lazy words like the following:

Things— EG “Show you things” — Instead use tips, tricks & techniques (.. discover tips, tricks & techniques that will … “

Stuff— EG “ …show you stuff, tell you stuff ” — Use some thing juicier, like – insider secrets (We will reveal insider secrets that only the … )

Creating effective web copy will not win you any creative writing prizes or journalism awards but it will make you money. These tips are open to debate but highlight the power of words in turning your visitor on or off.

Use Plenty of Subheadings

Your next step will be to add subheadings. Subheadings are basically just smaller headlines used to break up your text blocks. They also provide your readers with important highlights of your paragraphs.

Use plenty of subheadings throughout your copy, as not all your visitors will read your copy word for word. They’ll simply scan it and only read what catches their attention. So give each section a juicy subheading and a reason for the visitor to read on.

Create USP’s

You need to set the product you are promoting apart from every other competitor in a positive way. Using a Unique Selling Proposition will make your offering more valuable than competitors and negate the need for the surfer to shop around. 

A strong USP is an absolute must in giving your audience a compelling reason to buy from your site. A great way to develop a USP is by commencing: “Unlike the majority of its competitors….

“Unlike the majority of weight loss products “product Z” will helpLose up to 6 pounds of body fat per week – without the use of harmful synthetic appetite suppressants”

“Unlike other extenders, SizeGenetics is a combination of 2 systems that are proven to give you the most noticeable size gains”

The main purpose of a USP is to address a hole in the market place that the product can really fill. Don’t forget that a USP can be incorporated into a headline or sub header in your copy writing.

Limit the Risk

All MoreNiche/Lativio products come with a rock solid money back guarantee for 6 months. You must hammer this home as it makes for a soft easy sell. Display the guarantee in bold text and highlight with a graphic – 6 months is longer than most products in the online industry, point this out and make a unique selling point. The more you remove the risk, the more chance of the sale.

You may also want to highlight the secure ordering processes, data protection and privacy, and discreet packaging. Pre-empt their objections to buy and address them, build your potential customers’ confidence and put them at ease.

Use a Post Script

Visitors scan your copy on websites, they will read your headline, sub-headlines and the PostScript message more than anything else. Place your most important benefits within your P.S. message. Summarize the main points, the benefits & the emotions that these will – it will be read.

Call for Action (CTA)

Ask for the business!. A common mistake with online marketers is not asking for the business at the end of a pitch. Don’t just hope they decide to buy – prompt your visitor to buy with a clear CTA – if you
don’t ask you won’t get!. At the end of each review page, article, or product feature always, always include a clear link to order here are some examples:

“Take control of your size, order your SizeGenetics today”

“Discover how to lose weight easily, visit the X Product site today”