[SOLVED] Cannot Set Time Zone in Windows Server 2019

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Windows Server 2019 is a robust operating system widely used in enterprise environments, providing a stable platform for various applications and services. One crucial aspect of server management is ensuring accurate timekeeping, which is essential for synchronization, logging, and compliance with regulatory standards. However, some users may encounter issues when attempting to set the time zone in Windows Server 2019.

The issue happens because the server can’t obtain the privilege to change the time zone. This requires elevation in order to prevent messing with the whole server. This is part of Windows Server 2019 design and is not seen as a bug.


  1. Click the Windows Start button.
  2. Right-click Windows PowerShell and run as administrator.
  3. Enter: timedate.cpl
    • The date and time dialogue opens.
  4. Set the Time Zone.
  5. Click Apply/OK.