Why your website need HTTPS?

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Why HTTPS matters? Either way the website works. So why my website need https ? 

This is the common statement received when I suggest customer to use HTTPS for their website. When I received this statements I would say to them that its not about working or not working, but its about to secure end user connection to server. Im pretty sure after talking like this, they will start questioning, whay the hell im talking about. 

Ok lets understand what is HTTPS first. 

HTTPS is a shortform of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This is an extention from HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). When end user try to access the website, the browser will using HTTP protocol by default and if the website configured properly to redirect user to HTTPS , end user then will redirected to the website using HTTPS protocol. HTTPS give advantage to end user by encrypt the connection to server using TLS (Transport Layer Security) or formly known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). By encrypt the connection to server, end user will get advantages like : 

  1. Anything end user post to server is encrypted, only server can read what you sent to server. (eg : Form data like contact us form) 
  2. Protect Privacy and security of your user by making sure that there is no man in the middle between end user and the website/Server
  3. HTTPS is required by many new modern browser, otherwise you will see “not secure” tag in your browser. So when your website marked as green or secured, end user gain trust with the website.
  4. Modern SSL actually improved page load times of the website. Unlike the old rumors said that https over SSL will slow down you website abit. It is not true anymore. 

For the website Owners, the great news is Google prefer site that are secure and trusted certified by https

So if your website is not marked as secure by modern browser like Chrome, its mean that your SEO is drop. 

HTTPS is the future of the web.

Its a hint that since google will rank website with HTTPS higher than website without https, you already know that future all website must have https in order to make the website compliance with PCI and to be ranked by google.

*Cloudflare offering free https/ssl even you are in the Free package. Check here : https://www.cloudflare.com/ssl/