I am Xperience 13 Certified Developer

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Few weeks ago, Since my Kentico 12 certificate expired, I took Kentico Xperience 13 exam in order to maintain gold partner for the company and also to test my skills in the new Kentico Xperience 13 development. 

Here my tips on how to pass the exam: 

  1. Experience Matters :- You aren’t going to pass this exam by studying the documentation. You need experience in developing, deploying and maintaining Kentico projects in the current version. In addition, you will need an in-depth understanding of ASP.NET and the .NET development framework. Since Kentico is much more than just a website, you will also need to know all the tools associated with the platform
  2. Latest Documentation : You must know how to find keyword in Ketico documentation and knwo if the question asking about which function or modules in Kentico. Some of the topic in exam you are not familiar, you can get the answer in documentation. 
  3. No background process in your computer/laptop :- Since the exam will be online and you can use your own laptop/computer to do the exam, make sure there is no distraction or background process running at the back that can slow your computer. It is important, since you need to find answer faster, if your computer slow, its hard to find the answer. 
  4. Once you are prepared and feeling confident about your Kentico skills, it is time to take the final steps before clicking the “Start” button. Before beginning the exam, I take these steps to set up my environment, and I highly recommend you do the same:Start Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, IIS, KIM, and the Kentico Installer
    1. Install a fresh instance of Kentico running as a website and include one of the sample sites
    2. Run the site, log into the administration UI, enable all debugging tools
    3. Open the Kentico Developers Guide, API Reference, and a Google Search window, all in separate tabs

So here I go after complete the exam. Im a Certified Kentico Xperience 13 developer now.

Check my kentico profile here: https://devnet.kentico.com/users/417211/muhammad-zulkamal-zulkifli